Our Services

services that we are currently offering or designing to support the community

Below is the list of services that we are currently offering or designing to support the community.

Youth Mentoring Programs

The mentoring program will target youth and involve educational programs and mentoring sessions, including peer and group and academic tutorial programs.

Our Goal

Our goal is to empower others to support themselves and their children and to become productive members of society. Through these support services, we serve a portion of the individual’s needs and help the whole person. We want the families to feel a sense of high self-esteem and accomplishment. Empowerment through ministry will help drastically reduce poverty, homelessness, violence, and lack of education in their respective communities.

Luanda Angola Orphanage Outreach

To support the mission of the Mama Muxima Orphanage located in Luanda, Angola (Africa), by raising funds to provide for food, clothing, schools supplies, books, and other needed resources to help these children who are abandoned and parents who have died of AIDS and they themselves are with the disease.

Family Support Services

The creation of a Single-Family Member Support program will provide educational information and referral sources to help address the needs of these single parents with children. Our resource management program for families will serve as a community resource center to supply the needs of these targeted individuals, including referrals for job training and placement and housing assistance.

Senior Citizens Services

Through the design and management of support programs for our community seniors, homebound and disabled citizens will receive nutritional meals delivered by volunteers, financial assistance with utility bills in emergencies, prescription medicine assistance, minor home repair, educational and social activities, support groups for families of senior citizens related to healthcare, wellness, communications, hospice referrals, and other long-term related life issues.

Volunteer Member Management

Our program will develop a volunteer management program to recruit, train and manage volunteers to assist with all activities and programs administered by the CDO for the community.